I hope god is there.

Keeping a balance good and fair.

For if I am but a figment,

Naught but a swipe of his brush and pigment,

It matters not what I can bare,

For decisions are made from lofty chair.

I hope god is kind.

So they would be in heart and mind.

But what is love, when cast by creator,

Is creation kindness enough, spoke the debater.

Could all their actions leave love behind,

And shed responsibility of thoughtless mankind.

I hope god is wise.

Not the instigator of their own demise.

As thoughtful as their very silence predicts.

Rather than shadow to a world that contradicts,

A very presence past serene skies.

Could a world of cruel logic, be their disguise.

Celestial bodies

To capture the stars and their perfect form,

A dream of preserving their light.

Like trying to capture the eye of a storm,

Oh how could you keep something so bright.

To us they sit quiet, on night’s dark platform,

Just out of reach, from any grasp or might.

But in systems they burn as a swarm,

A life cycle itself, it’s own death, it’s fright.

Distance hides their terror, their reform,

True nature a mystery which passions do insight.

In it’s mystery a wonder stirs, keeps warm,

Those far off pieces of our puzzle, our right.